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But Does it Go to Eleven?


When harmonica players think of Fender, words like “Champ,” “Deluxe” and “Bassman” immediately come to mind, but now Fender wants you to think two new words: “harmonica manufacturer.” Fender has just launched 2 new lines of diatonic harmonicas, the Blues Deluxe and the Blues Deville (guess they know to stick with some word associations), in a limited number of keys. The Blues Deluxe, pictured, has the standard-issue uncoated metal cover plates. The Blues Deville covers are black matte. No word yet on where they are manufactured, how they play or if they will ever come in tweed.

And We’re Back!

It’s been awfully quiet around here, but there’s finally a new issue of Harmonica Happenings coming out. There’ve been a lot of changes behind the scenes at HH, including a new designer and publisher. Besides a new look for the magazine, we hope this means more time to post to the blog as well.

This first new issue, a double-issue covering Spring & Summer, features interviews with Annie Raines and Jerome Godboo, a philatelist’s look at harmonicas (or is it a harmonicist’s look at stamps?) and much more. Just click on the image below for a preview PDF. If you’re a SPAH member, a print copy is headed to your door. If you’re not a member of SPAH and you’d like a copy, why don’t you join?



Fall’s Not Yet Over

Late in the season, but the Fall issue of Harmonica Happenings will be out soon. Here’s a preview of the issue, with photos from the 50th anniversary convention held in St. Louis, MO.


Kickin’ Off 50 Years!

Here’s a shot of the latest Harmonica Happenings, kicking off SPAH’s 50th anniversary and hitting mailboxes presently. Click the image for a preview of the issue:


Welcome Back

I can’t believe it took me this long to mention it, but welcome back, Jason Ricci! Jason was a pretty regular contributor to YouTube but has been off the scene for awhile. Now he’s back and showing off the Suzuki Manji (a lot of great players seem to really dig the Manji… hmmm…). Jason was also part of the recent “Harmonica Week” in San Diego, California. I hear he did a great job playing and teaching some classes. Nice to see you back, Jason.

Springin In

Harmonica Happenings Spring 2012 cover


The Spring 2012 issue of Harmonica Happenings is in the mail. Many thanks to Nicolás Aros Marzá for the beautiful color shot. By the way, the new issue contains the registration packet for the 2012 SPAH convention. Not a member? Can’t wait for snail mail? You can register for the convention online at the new

Hey Joe

Blues harp player, customizer and all-around explorer Mike Fugazzi joins in the harpboxing revolution with his one man band treatment of the classic Hey Joe. This is just a practice run, so we can forgive the awkward video angle, but it sounds promising. Mike’s looking for some Midwest venues for his omb rock-harp show, so if you know of a place, hit him up.

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